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Power Rangers Series 2

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Power Rangers

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Pink Ranger
Pink Ranger

It’s a good thing she has an athletic background, because between protecting Angel Grove, training for the Pan Global Games, and just being a teenager trying to get through the school day, it must be exhausting to be the Pink Ranger! This 7” scale fully articulated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Pink Ranger figure features interchangeable heads to represent both Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard, and includes all the accessories a valley girl could want! Whether she’s turning handsprings or turning the tables on Rita Repulsa, the Pink Ranger is a non-stop force against evil. Pre-order your Pink Ranger ULTIMATES! figure to vault your way to a truly Morphinomenal collection!


  • 3x interchangeable heads

  • Kimberly Hart head

  • Katherine Hillard head

  • Pink Ranger Helmet head

  • 10x interchangeable hands

  • 2x Fist hands

  • 2x Gripping hands (vertical hinge)

  • 2x Gripping hands (horizontal hinge)

  • 2x Bow-Firing hands

  • 2x Martial Arts hands

  • 3x Power Bows

  • With string

  • Without string

  • Vintage toy-inspired

  • 4x Blade Blasters

  • Closed

  • Gun

  • Blade

  • Vintage toy-inspired